Keyline Machines

Dezmo is an innovative machine that defines a new technological standard for the duplication of door and car cylinder keys. It uses the Dromo robotised key feeder and operates on a solid structure, realised with high performance material, built with a certified quality system, and characterised by a modern and ergonomic design in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness for the operator.

The cutting results are precise and outstanding quality in both code and copy duplication.

Dezmo works with a proprietary software and database, but is open to the main standards in master systems management.

The Liger software developed by Keyline stands out for its capacity to process every cutting system and easily receives software updates. Complex operations are made extremely

simple and intuitive thanks to the modern colour interface, which is simple and easy to learn.

The five colour touch screen provides all the necessary information for the correct cutting of keys, guaranteeing a high degree of safety for the operator.

It is easy to use and its software can be easily updated through both the USB key and online.

Dezmo is available in three models:

  • Dezmo – stand alone version
  • Dezmo Open – equipped for the installation of the robotised feeder
  • Dezmo Advance – with an integrated robotised feeder