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Gymkana 994 is the new electronic key cutting machine for automotive laser and double-sided edge cut keys.

GYMKANA 994 completely revolutionises the daily work of automotive operators and duplication specialists. With Gymkana 994 you can provide car key cutting service everywhere, at any time and with the utmost flexibility!

Unlimited accessibility and dynamic user interface. Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design and its external power supply, the Gymkana 994 is easily portable and can be used in a wide variety of work situations. In addition, the fastening kit with brackets makes it possible to cut keys on the go for mobile security professionals.

Freedom of operation.  According to the user’s needs, it is possible to use the Gymkana 994:

  • In stand-alone configuration with the Keyline X console. With its powerful technology, the console can considerably reduce machine start-up times. Sturdy and suitable for all work situations, the console is operated by Keyline Liger software, which is synonymous with reliability.
  • In mobile mode, through an Android^ smartphone or tablet. With the new Keyline Duplicating Tool smart App, the Gymkana 994 machine is very user-friendly, with simplified screen prompts. In this mode, software is always updated, machine start-up times are very fast, and its functions simplified; in addition, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, there is  a wireless connection between Gymkana 994 and your smartphone/tablet

New universal self-aligning U clamp, for the majority of laser and double-sided edge cut keys. Gymkana 994 is also provided with new V clamp for Volkswagen 2 sided laser keys including the new four sided keys. For special keys, the following optional clamps are also available: H clamp for 6-cut Tibbe system and S clamp for Simplex keys.

Exclusive Keyline technology and design. The wide, well-lit working area makes it possible to also cut flip keys and emergency keys easily, while the area is always kept closed and protected, to guarantee cleanliness and operating safety. The cutter speed and the axis are adjustable, to adapt to the most diverse and innovative materials. The cutter changing is now even easier, to minimize the margin of error. Everything is integrated in a durable structure that is synonymous with Keyline quality, which has always developed its products in line with the requirements of its customers.

Gymkana 994 is designed for:

  • all automotive operators who wish for a fast entry in the world of key cutting, thanks to a functional, dynamic and precise tool.
  • all key specialists who wish to widen their services portfolio and their offering by working in the most diverse settings.

^ A fast and reliable internet connection is always required. 



Product codes

Special “M” Jaw

Jaw allowing you to cut standard edge cut keys on the Keyline Gymkana 994 Key Machine

Ability to cut automotive and edge cut keys with the optional new M Jaw

Superior quality Italian key machine

Includes VW jaw as standard